Auto Can Sealing Machine (Lightweight automated canseamer food packing machine)


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Gründungsjahr 2018
Kapital 100'000 USD
Co.Registration No 791-33-00424
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CANWORKS is a company that designs and manufactures Lightweight automated canseamer food packing machine that can be used for many purposes, we care of environment and small business owner. CANWORKS is possible to implement gear-type power transmission by one-button automatic system

- Work arm system
which can shake various sizes of the container with easy adjustment depending on the outer diameter of the container.   
- Works worm gear
 which can drive rollers and chuck by power transmission of worm gear type instead of conventional belt type power transmission.

- Aluminum cans are able to keep the freshness of product longer than the other container by completely blocking oxygen and light from outside. 
- CANWORKS expect powerful advertisement effect of company with unique design outside aluminum can
- The used aluminum cans are 100% recycled after use and become valuable resources 

The design solution for a business owner, As a new design is offered, new business models are created for franchise businesses and individual businesses.
- Can labeling design
- Consumer goods
- Character
- identity
- Revenue model



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