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rue du Centre 140
1025 St-Sulpice VD


Eckdaten zu Aekip SA

Standort Hauptsitz
Gründungsjahr 2015
Rechtsform Aktiengesellschaft
Kapital 100'000 CHF
Handelsregister-Nr. CHE-233.929.808
MwSt CHE-233.929.808 MwSt

Beschreibung der Geschäftstätigkeit: Aekip SA

Nature of business:
Aekip is a technology-based company in Saint Sulpice, Lausanne area in Switzerland. Aekip supplies high quality and competitive price solar energy equipment, and in particular photovoltaic panels. In addition, Aekip provides research and development, engineering and consulting services in the fields of solar energy, lasers and spectroscopy.

Aekip is founded by experts in solar energy, lasers and spectroscopy. They have PhD degrees from the EPFL in Switzerland and have accumulated extensive experience in academia and in industry. Having highly qualified experts and being in close connection with solar energy and laser laboratories at the EPFL, makes us a strong and efficient group in design, engineering and implementation of solar energy, laser and spectroscopy systems.

- Poly-crystalline solar panels
- Mono-crystalline solar panels

- Research, development and tests on solar cells
- Optical and THz spectroscopy measurements on customer samples
- Design and implementation of optical / spectroscopy set-ups and photonic systems
- Installation, commissioning and maintenance of lasers and spectroscopy systems

Standort:  Aekip SA

Führungskräfte Aekip SA

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Monsieur Ahmad Ajdar-Zadeh

Managing Director

Monsieur Olivier Bräm


Monsieur Ahmad Ajdar Zadeh Oskouei

président du conseil d'administration

Monsieur Olivier Bräm

membre de l'organe administratif

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