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GrupWavin Wavin Turkey, the world's leading infrastructure, superstructure, Waving a manufacturer of plastic pipe systems, which is a member of the group. Waving; safe drinking water distribution, storm water and waste water management, heating and cooling of buildings by using energy more efficiently, such as effective solutions for the needs of daily life indispensable.The center of the waving group, the Netherlands is located in Zwolle. Direct has 40 manufacturing facilities operating in 25 European countries waving in these countries. With distributors outside of Europe, the agencies of the whole world operates. With 5.500 employees Waving ’s an annual turnover of 1.2 billion €. In 2012, Latin America's leading petrochemical group, waving and pipe systems producer Mexichem has joined.Waving the leadership of the benefits it provides to its customers in Europe, presence in the local markets, innovation, and the importance of technical support and devotion is increasing. Waving, and consistently provides a reliable supply network with the best standards, to achieve the goals of the customers we support.

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Gründungsjahr 1978
Registration no 7300002121
Art des Unternehmens Zweitsitz : Werk
USt-ID.Nr. 7300002121


  • Wavin Pilsa  (Produzent / Exporteur)

    Wavin Turkey is a leader firm at the Plastic Pipe sector in Turkey, we herewith want to introduce you our holding and company in brief.
    Our company has been presenting services of quality pipes, joint systems and solutions in large extension directed to construction and infrastructure.
              Our Firm Wavin TR Plastic Industry Co., Inc. which has the history of 40 years and made activities as Pilsa Plastic Co. Inc. In the body of Sabancı holdings from 1971 until 2008, was bought by WAVIN being the biggest of Europe after that date. After that purchase, Our company has been continuing its activities as WAVIN TURKEY changed the company name as WAVIN TR PLASTIC INDUSTRY CO.,INC. in 2011, in order to continue activities of Wavin Group in Turkey.
    Wavin Turkey is a member of Wavin Group being leader producer of superstructural and infrastructural plastic pipe systems. Wavin presents effective solutions directing to unavaidable daily needs of life such as distrubution of safe drinking water, management of rain water and waste water, heating and cooling buildings by using energy more efficient.
    The head Office of Wavin Group is in Zwolle City in Holland, Wavin directly making activities in 25 European Countries has 40 production plants in these countries, has been making activities with distributors and agents out side of Europe, has 5.500 employees and its giro is 1,2 milliard Euro . Wavin Group participated to the body of Mexichem being leader Latin American producer of pipe systems and petrochemistry in 2012.

    Wavin Turkey (Pilsa Plastic C.o.) was founded in 1971 and engaged in a wide range of production activities
    Above Ground Product Groups:
    -        PPR Pipes & Fittings + Aluminium Foiled PPR + Composite PPr
    -        PPRCT Pipes (Pilsa Plus) & Basaltherm ( New generation of Composite)
    -        PEX Pipes - Covered PEX Pipes and Fittings
    -        OXY PEX Pipes - Covered OXY PEX Pipes
    -        Wavin Sitech Sewage Pipes & Fittings (3 layer Silent System)
    -        Wavin Rainwater Management Systems (Quickstream)
    -        Soil and Waste System
    Below Ground Product Groups:
    -        HDPE Corrugated Pipes & Fittings
    -        U-PVC Pressure Pipes & Fittings
    -        PE Pipes (Pe 32 - Pe 100)
    -        Wavin PE Fittings (Electrofusion - Spigot)
    -        U-PVC Land Drainage Pipes & Fittings
    -        Wavin Plastic Manholes (Inspection Chambers) & Fittings
    -        O-PVC Apollo Pipes
    We have an annual production of 90.000 tones
    Pilsa PP-R Pipes are manufactured in compliance with European / Turkish & German Standards (TS EN ISO 15874), DIN 8077, DIN 8078. Our products are approved and certified by GOST (Russia), Ukrania Standard ( Ukrania), SJJ (CHINA) , Slovakia, Romania, Poland, Bulgaria and have the certificates of guarantee obtained from the Turkish Standards Institute (TSE).
    Pilsa PP-R Pipes and Fittings also have the Hygiene certificate.
    Our PP-R Pipes are designed for hot and cold water supply systems and are also suitable for industrial water conveyance. Green and gray color options for PP-R pipes and fittings are also available upon request.
    We are also engaging in export market and we are selling our products all over the world from Asia to Africa, and we have agents all over the world, such as in China, Egypt, Russia and so on. We trust our product quality, service quality, and price competitiveness according to the same quality level products in the market and we would appreciate to have cooperation with your company.
    You can find further info about our company visiting our web sites  and



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