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OVOSTAR Ltd (Egg Product Factory)

Kolhospna St.11, Krushynka
Vasylkivskyi Dist. Kyiv Reg. 08635

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Firmeninformationen OVOSTAR Ltd (Egg Product Factory)


Ovostar Union is a modern agribusiness holding company that takes one of the places among the five leading egg manufacturers in Europe. The main advantage of our holding company is the vertical business integration, which provides the proper level of resources optimization, as well as the strictest quality control throughout all stages of the manufacturing process. All production facilities are located in central Ukraine in close proximity to each other. High level of vertical integration lets control costs and quality at all stages of production process. The hen eggs are produced on two modern poultry farms with the overall capacity of more than 8 million bird places. New modern poultry houses are equipped with enriched cages complying with European standards. OVOSTAR egg processing plant is considered as one of the leaders in Ukraine by the production volume. OVOSTAR plant processes more than 1.5 million eggs on a daily basis. All products undergo pasteurization, which provides total safety of the finished products. The wide range of more than 20 egg products, as well as additional mixes with specific properties meet the requirements of the leaders of Ukrainian and worldwide food-manufacturing industries. Both poultry and egg processing plant are implemented with the management quality and food safety control systems, which correspond with the strictest international standards such as ISO 9001:2008, FSSC 22000 and HALAL. The company has the proven experience in packing and shipping the product to more than 40 countries in Europe, Middle East, Asia and Africa. Ovostar Union gained the approval to export eggs and egg products to the European Union. Production of and trade in egg products: hens eggs, chilled and frozen pasteurised liquid egg melange, chilled and frozen pasteurised liquid egg yolks, chilled and frozen fermented thermal stabilised liquid egg yolks, chilled and frozen pasteurised liquid egg whites, dried powdered eggs, dried pasteurised egg yolks, dried fermented thermal stabilised egg yolks, dried pasteurised egg whites, albumen.

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Allgemeine Informationen

Gründungsjahr 2002
Registration no 32086437
Rechtliche Hinweise Ltd
Kapital 107'000'000 UAH
Art des Unternehmens Zweitsitz : Eingetragener Firmensitz
Fax +380 44 3542960
Webseite http://www.ovostar.ua




  • Овостар (UA) 




Region: Mittel- und Ost-Europa, Westeuropa, Zentral-Asien, Asien-Pazifik, Mittlerer Osten, Afrika
Land: Georgien, Weißrußland, Türkei, Kasachstan, Litauen, Saudi-Arabien, Israel, Katar, Vereinigte Arabische Emirate, Iran, Marokko, Hongkong, Lettland


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    ISO 9001:2008; FSSC 22000:2011

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    89 Beschäftigte

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    89 Beschäftigte

Führungskräfte OVOSTAR Ltd (Egg Product Factory)

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Ihor Holovnia

Vorstand / Mitglied Verwaltungsorgan (Director)