Cotecna Inspection SA

rue de la Terrassière 58
1207 Genève

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Firmeninformationen Cotecna Inspection SA


Nature of business:
- Government
Cotecna helps its government customers ensure that import tax revenue is based on the fair value of goods and that prohibited, restricted or controlled imports are more readily detected.
We also facilitate legitimate trade across borders through the introduction of new technologies and efficient processes, reducing lengthy and costly delays in the import and clearance process. Cotecna offers an entire spectrum of services to meet these needs, including post-clearance verification, risk management, destination inspection, pre-shipment inspection, non-intrusive scanning, valuation, transit monitoring, and other trade security and facilitation solutions, fully customized to meet the specific needs of our client partners.
- Commercial
Cotecna provides its commercial customers with full testing, inspection and certification (TIC) services. We ensure contractual compliance for a wide range of commodities, including agricultural products, metals and minerals, as well as consumer goods and general cargo.
For this purpose, Cotecna conducts testing of commodities and consumer products through a network of dedicated, accredited regional laboratories. In our quest to provide our customers with innovative solutions, we recently launched our E-dox® service, allowing clients to transmit documents electronically using the most advanced encryption technology. Clients of our trade finance support services benefit from our unique on-line administration and reporting tool, Vestalis TM.

Subsidiary company:
• Cotecna Inspection France, (France),
• Cotecna Inspection Ltd (United Kingdom),
• Cotecna Inspección Argentina (Argentina),
• Cotecna Inspection Nigeria Ltd (Nigeria),
• Cotecna Quality Resources Incorporated (USA),
• Cotecna Inspection (Vostok) Ltd (Russia),
• Cotecna Inspection (Comoros) Sarl (Comoros)
• Cotecna Servicos (Angola) Ltda (Angola),
• Cotecna Benelux B.V. (Netherlands),
• Cotecna Inspection Ltd (Guernsey)
• Cotecna de Mexico SA (Mexico),
• Cotecna Inspection Senegal Surl (Senegal),
• Tiscan Ltd (Tanzania),
• Cotecna Ukraine Ltd (Ukraine)
• Cotecna Trade Support JSC (Egypt)
• Cotecna International Trade Consulting (Shanghai) Ltd (China),
• Cotecna Inspection Bangladesh Ltd (Bangladesh),
• Cotecna Benin Sarl (Benin)
• Cotecna Inspection Bolivia SA (Bolivia)
• Cotecna Servicos Ltda (Brazil),
• Cotecna Burkina Sarl (Burkina Faso),
• Cotecna Canada Inc, (Canada)
• Cotecna Inspection Chile SA (Chile)
• Cotecna Certificadora Ltd (Colombia),
• Cotecna Inspection Congo Sarl (Congo)
• Cotecna Inspection East Africa Ltd (CIEAL) (Kenya),
• Cotecna Del Ecuador SA (Ecuador),
• Cotecna Inspection GmbH (Germany),
• Cotecna Guinee Equatoriale SARL (Equatorial Guinea)
• Cotecna Inspection Hong Kong (Chona),
• Cotecna Inspection India Pvt Ltd (India),
• Cotecna Quality SRL (Italy),
• Cotecna Côte d?Ivoire Sarl (Côte d?Ivoire),
• Cotecna Mali Sarl (Mali)
• Cotecna Inspection Japan, Ltd (Japan),
• Cotecna Inspection Philippines Inc (Philippines),
• Cotecna Inspection (Peru) SA (Peru),
• Cotecna Singapore Pte Ltd (Singapore),
• Cotecna Inspection Korea Inc (South Korea),
• Cotecna Inspección SL (Spain),
• Cotecna Inspection (Thailand) Co Ltd (Thailand),
• Cotecna Togo Sarl (Togo),
• Kotecna Gozetim AS (Turkey),
• Cotecna Uganda Ltd (COTUGAL) (Uganda),
• Cotecna Inspección Uruguay SA (Urugay)
• Cotecna De Venezuela CA (Venezuela)
• Cotecna Vietnam Co., Ltd (Vietnam),
• Cotecna Inspection Zambia Ltd (Zambia),

Statutory auditors:
• KPMG SA, Genève

Allgemeine Informationen

Gründungsjahr 1974
Handelsregister-Nr. CHE-103.168.168
Rechtliche Hinweise Aktiengesellschaft
Kapital 2'000'000 CHF
Art des Unternehmens Hauptsitz
USt-ID.Nr. CHE-103.168.168 TVA
Fax +41 22 849 69 89


  • UBS


Region: Weltweit


Region: Weltweit


  • Typ:

    ISO 9001 2000

Kennzahlen Cotecna Inspection SA

Führungskräfte Cotecna Inspection SA

Infos über Führungskräfte

Monsieur Jean-Frédéric Thomas


Geschäftsfelder Cotecna Inspection SA

Weitere Geschäftsfelder

  • Produzent
  • Händler
  • Dienstleister

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